"American Alpine Dairy Goats" Repose Ranch - Home of the American Alpine Dairy Goat



Repose Ranch is located on the Kitsap Peninsula in the western half of the great State of Washington, the 42nd state of our Union known as the United States of America. The Pacific Northwest is the beautiful backdrop to our farm located in a quaint little town named Poulsbo. (also known as "little Norway") The country that surrounds this area reminds us of the "old country" - Norway. Poulsbo's city founders and it's history still shows this influence today. Our dairy farm was established in 2007, featuring the American Alpine breed of dairy goats.

We chose Alpines for their beautiful colors, sweet dispositions, easy handling and most of all, their ability to produce sweet creamy milk and a lot of it !

We have a great breeding program that keeps us in future milking stock and we train many of our wethers and does as pack goats.

So what do we do with all of that milk ?  As you've probably guessed by now, we're making a lot of cheese and working on perfecting our recipes and techniques for Whole Goat's Milk Cheddar, Norwegian Nokkelost (soon we hope),  Whole Goat's Milk Feta, Chevre and Whole Goat's Milk Buttermilk.  The whole family gets involved and we are having a great time.

We hope you'll visit as often as you like ~ it's the best way to keep up with us here at Repose Ranch.



Lady Rosa ~ Our Head Doe and The Boss !


~ Repose Ranch Summer Snowflake and Repose Ranch Sweet Alpenrose ~